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Name of the firm

                We named the firm "Pinoy Delicacies Ltd.". In a simple reason, our company offers flavored native delicacies that is being cooked with distinctive taste and natural ingredients. Pinoy is the alternative word of the Filipino. We offer purely Filipino delicacies by using natural flavors.


        The manufacturing site, office and the small take out counter will be located at #174 Velasco Ext, Caloocan City.


In achieving success, members of Pinoy Native Delicacies products shall strive to make their best for the company, all members shall develop attitude of a professional entrepreneur, considering themselves as an asset and not a liability to their peer, and should always bear in mind the following values in order to achieve the settled goals and objectives:

God Fearing

Product Concept

              Filipinos love to eat native delicacies. So, we "Pinoy Delicacies Ltd.  would like to introduce our newly delicious innovated products.

Nowadays a native delicacy was less patronized by people because of different existing food in the market. They would like to try products that are branded and new in the market.

Our main concept in innovating this type of product is to offer consumerís original Filipino product but also they can find something "new". We offer flavored native delicacies 6 flavor includes jackfruit, pandan, guava, ube and stawberry of tupig, pudding, puto and suman

Long-term objectives

The Pinoy Delicacies Ltd. plan to operate the business in five (5) years simultaneously.
                Five years from now the business is expected to be successful here in the Philippines. We will be efficient with strong sales performance and it can happen by simply maintaining the best quality of our products.
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