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About Us

During our Marketing Management subject, we are group into 8 members Jennifer Ignacio, Amy Rodriguez, Lou Anne Semeniano, Maricel Maulllon, Marissa Vidallo, Ana Rose Zamora and the other two members, we need to make a marketing plan for a certain company. Unfortunately the result was not too good. Our group was divided into two and never had a plan to be in one group. But still the binds that tie us still exist. Our groups merge once again for the feasibility study. And to complete the group, Jerome Ross Danago and Ma. Ni
ńa calvo was added to us.

                Different ideas come up. Aris suggested the product of mosquito coil with aroma scent while Ana Rose thought of banana or strawberry wine making. The group accepted the two ideas mentioned. Unfortunately, the group found out that those product will take long period of time in producing it.

                One of our friend, Jhet Sevilla who is from Pangasinan told us that tupig is the most popular native delicacies in their place. He suggest that why donít we try to make tupig with different flavors since it has only one flavor. We consult it to our professor and she agrees with us but she told us that we need to come up with three to five native delicacies with different flavors.

                The group decided to create a business in limited partnership form. Our firm name is "Pinoy Delicacies Ltd.  we offer native delicacies for the reason that most Filipinos crave for Filipino delicacies. Also, as much as possible, we considered using natural ingredients in producing our product.


The company mission itself to cater the needs and satisfaction of the consumers, and to serve the best quality and flavored native delicacies which is typically Filipinos.


We envision to be the first ever company that could produces flavored native delicacies. Our company envisions itself to be successful within 5 years. To maintain the best quality and continuous improvement of the products. Having good and harmonious relationship among employer- employees, employees- customer and vice versa. We also envision to open branches.